Tiki Kon Event Mug FAQ

Our 2018 event mug was designed and produced by VanTiki in his Eugene, Oregon, studio. We are offering it for pre-sale to our registered event guests. Invitations to the pre-sale will be emailed to guests approximately one week before pre-sales open on May 31 at 6:00 PM.


Limited edition mug, run of 100


Super limited edition mug, run of 25, with hand-painted details


How do I get one of your event mugs?

Our official event mug was designed and produced exclusively for the enjoyment of Tiki Kon guests. Registered guests may pre-order 1 mug per guest starting May 31 at 6:00 PM. All merchandise must be picked up in person by the purchaser, and valid admission and photo ID is required. We will send notifications to all registered event guests as the release date approaches.

Remaining mugs after the pre-sale will be available in person at our Tiki Kon gift shop on Saturday, July 14.


I have a ticket to the Thursday Hale Pele Mug Release Party. Will I get a mug?

Yes, but it's not the official event mug by VanTiki. The mugs that are included with the Thursday Hale Pele ticket are the new Hale Pele mugs by Munktiki Imports. You will need to purchase an official event mug separately.


How many mugs are being produced?

The Limited Edition is a run of 100 mugs, each numbered on the bottom. These will be available for pre-order by Tiki Kon guests.

The Super Limited Edition is a run of 25 mugs, numbered, with a special finish and detailing. These will be available for purchase in person on a first-come basis in our Island Marketplace (vending) on Saturday, July 14, at 10:00 a.m., and are limited to 1 per guest. The first 20 guests in line with valid event admission will receive a voucher to purchase a super limited edition mug from our gift shop.


How much do they cost?

The limited edition mug is $95 each. The super limited mug is $155 each.


Can I pick my favorite number?

Mugs are distributed at random at pick-up. We do not allow guests to select a specific mug number.


What is the glaze color?

The mug colors have not been selected yet, but we will post photos as soon as a final artist proof is approved. The early teaser photos we've been sharing on social media have been of the clay sculpt from which the molds will be made. Those photos do not show the final color.


Is the mug included with my VIP Weekend Pass?

No, we haven't included mugs with VIP passes in many years. Now that the number of VIPs exceededs the number of handcrafted mugs we can produce, it is no longer possible to include them. Mug sales are not tied to pass level in any way--any registered guest may pre-order on a first-come basis.


Can I re-sell my mug on ebay?

We wish you wouldn't. These mugs are intended for guests who want them in their collection and will enjoy them, not for turning a quick buck. Our terms and conditions prohibit buyers from re-selling our mugs for 6 months after Tiki Kon. We require every mug buyer to sign for their purchases at pick-up, including the mug number, so we'll know if they're getting flipped on ebay, and the tiki gods won't be happy.



Terms & Conditions

  1. All ticket and merchandise purchases must be picked up in person at Tiki Kon, July 13-14, 2018. Unclaimed orders are non refundable.

  2. Ticket purchases may be canceled and refunded until 6/28/2018 at midnight PST. There will be no service charge for ticket cancellations and refunds issued for the 2018 event. Merchandise pre-orders may be canceled with no charge if request is received within 24 hours of purchase. After that, a $10 service charge applies to all merchandise order cancellations. To cancel a purchase, please email us at info@tikikon.com.

  3. VIP Weekend Passes are non-transferrable and must be claimed in person by the purchaser or canceled. Photo ID may be required. All other ticket types may be transferred to another guest if you contact us by email by 6/28/2018 to let us know the name and email address of the person who will pick them up. Tickets will not be released to someone whose name is not on the order. Attempts to sell tickets for more than face value (scalping) will result in the tickets being canceled and the seller permanently banned.

  4. Our secure online ticketing and registration system is powered by RegFox and Webconnex Payments. There are no add-on service or "convenience" fees.

  5. Limited edition event mugs by VanTiki are limited to 1 per guest, and they are intended exclusively for event guests. We want them to go to guests who will enjoy them, and not turn around and flip them on ebay. Buyers agree to not re-sell mugs by online auction or other means for a period of 6 months after Tiki Kon.

  6. No guarantees are made about the functionality of this website and our third-party payment system. We do our best to ensure an error-free experience for users of the most popular modern web browsers and mobile devices, but do not have the resources for exhaustive testing on every platform/browser combination.

  7. We operate this event as a hobby from our kitchen table, on top of day jobs, which means we may not be able to respond immediately to email questions and requests, but we will do our best to resolve issues equitably. Please be patient and allow at least 24 hours for a response before getting mad. We reserve the right to cancel and refund purchases at our disrection. In the event of cancellations, or schedule or location changes, we will make every attempt to contact you using the email address provided with your order.

  8. Tiki Kon reserves the right to eject and ban any guest, without refund or recourse, for rude or disruptive behavior, illegal activities, theft, vandalism, harassment, ticket or merchandise scalping, or any other behavior that negatively affects our guests' ability to have a safe and enjoyable time.

  9. FORCE MAJEURE: In the event of circumstances beyond our reasonable control that cause cancellation of all or part of the Tiki Kon conference, guests will be refunded the full price of their paid admission and merchandise purchases, excluding any complimentary items or discounts. We cannot be responsible for additional damages resulting from cancellations, such as transportation or lodging costs.

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